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Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions; we work with businesses and develop high-performance IT solutions that don’t compromise on environmental best practice. We offer solutions for IT procurement, maintenance and disposal, encompassing the entire IT lifecycle. We began our journey with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2019, setting 9 targets against 3 of the goals: Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education and Responsible Consumption and Production. In 2023 we successfully reached 3 of our targets, 2 years ahead of target. This means that so far, we have: achieved 15,000 active hours for our colleagues’ and communities’ health and wellbeing, achieved £3 million savings for educational institutions and diverted over 4 million kg of technology from landfill.

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lensPriority Goals

Techbuyer publicly states its priority goals are the following:

lensMeasurable Targets

Techbuyer publicly declares measurable targets to the following goals:

lensTaking Action

Techbuyer publicly shares how it is taking action to support the goals

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Techbuyer shares performance data to support the goals

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Techbuyer educates it’s suppliers about the goals

Review date: 14 July 2022
Country: United Kingdom