Rathbone Brothers


Rathbone Brothers Plc is a UK provider of personalised investment management and wealth management services for private investors and trustees. This includes discretionary investment management, unit trusts, tax planning, trust and company management, pension advice and banking services. Rathbone Brothers Plc is an independent FTSE 250 company.



Rathbone Brothers publicly states its support for the goals, but doesn’t say which are priorities


Rathbone Brothers publicly declares measurable environmental and/or social commitments, but doesn’t say how these support the goals


Rathbone Brothers publicly shares examples of positive environmental / social actions, but doesn’t say how these support the goals


Rathbone Brothers publicly shares environmental / social data, but doesn’t how this supports progress towards the goals


Rathbone Brothers shares information about involving its suppliers in environmental / social issues but doesn’t mention involving them in supporting the goals

Review date: 13 October 2020
Country: United Kingdom