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QBE Insurance Group Ltd


In 2009, Chinese state owned China Minmetals proposed a purchase of the heavily indebted company. The Chinese proposal was one of three high-profile moves by Chinese firms to acquire stakes in the Australian mineral sector in early 2009. The China Minmetals offer along with other proposed purchases, especially the Chinalco planned stake in Rio Tinto, caused great public furor, adding political pressure to block Minmetals. The Australian government blocked the sale on 27 March 2009, citing concerns about the location of the Prominent Hill Mine within the sensitive military area.[1] A deal not including Prominent Hill was approved, and the majority of the company was acquired by China Minmetals; the acquisitions became the company Minerals and Metals Group (MMG).[2]


lensPriority Goals

QBE Insurance Group Ltd publicly states its priority goals are the following:

lensMeasurable Targets

QBE Insurance Group Ltd publicly declares measurable targets to the following goals:

lensTaking Action

QBE Insurance Group Ltd publicly shares how it is taking action to support the goals

lensPerformance Data

QBE Insurance Group Ltd shares performance data to support the goals

lensSupplier Education

QBE Insurance Group Ltd publicly shares information about involving it’s suppliers in environmental / social issues, but does not mention whether it educates them about the goals

Review date: 01 July 2020
Country: Australia