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OPRL Ltd, a not-for-profit, collaborates across the packaging cycle to drive circularity and a transformation in resource efficiency in packaging in the UK. Company purpose and values - Independent, Pioneering, Expert, Ethical - are lived through employment and procurement practices, interactions with clients and suppliers, and most of all through OPRL's services: - By supporting sustainable packaging design through its online recyclability evaluation tool and Certified As Recyclable service, OPRL increases the proportion of packaging that can be recycled through UK infrastructure, avoiding landfill/incineration and resulting GHG emissions. - By engaging consumers in recycling packaging through its world-leading on-pack labels, OPRL supports effective recycling of packaging using well recognised iconography and calls-to-action. - By campaigning for policy reform and investment in infrastructure, OPRL extends the range of packaging formats and materials that can be recycled in the UK. Around 95% of UK groceries retail + leading brands use OPRL labels.

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lensPriority Goals

OPRL publicly states its priority goals are the following:

lensMeasurable Targets

OPRL publicly declares measurable targets to the following goals:

lensTaking Action

OPRL publicly shares how it is taking action to support the goals

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OPRL shares performance data to support the goals

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OPRL educates it’s suppliers about the goals

Review date: 22 August 2022
Country: United Kingdom