KOcycle's mission is to ensure redundant IT assets can be re-purposed in the UK and all over the world. The environment and circular economy form the backbone of our business. We are committed to providing our clients with market leading ITAD Services.We invest in our people, technology and facilities with a focus on adhering to the highest regulatory standards with a focus on Security and Sustainabilty.Through offering IT Lifecycle services, we maximise the value of redundant IT equipment while preventing technology from reaching landfill.


KOcycle publicly states a focus on the following goals


KOcycle publicly declares measurable commitments to the following goals


KOcycle publicly shares examples of how its actions are supporting the goals


KOcycle shares data showing its progress towards the goals


KOcycle doesn’t share if it involves suppliers in its support of the goals

Review date: 26 January 2021
Country: United Kingdom