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Iluka Resources Ltd

Basic Materials

luka Resources is an Australian-based resources company, specialising in mineral sands exploration, project development, operations and marketing. Iluka is the largest producer of zircon and titanium dioxide-derived rutile and synthetic rutile globally. Iluka mines heavy mineral sands and separates the concentrate into its individual mineral constituents rutile, ilmenite, and zircon. Some of the ilmenite is then processed into synthetic rutile.


lensPriority Goals

Iluka Resources Ltd publicly states its priority goals are the following:

lensMeasurable Targets

Iluka Resources Ltd publicly declares measurable environmental and/or social targets, but does not say how these support the goals

lensTaking Action

Iluka Resources Ltd does not publicly share how it is taking action to support the goals

lensPerformance Data

Iluka Resources Ltd does not publicly share performance data that supports the goals

lensSupplier Education

Iluka Resources Ltd publicly shares information about involving it’s suppliers in environmental / social issues, but does not mention whether it educates them about the goals

Review date: 01 July 2020
Country: Australia