Drax Group


Drax Group plc is a British electrical power generation company. The principal downstream enterprises are based in the UK and include Drax Power Limited, which runs Europe's biggest biomass-fuelled power station, Drax power station, near Selby in North Yorkshire – the UK's largest decarbonisation project, as well as supplying between 7-8 per cent of the country's electricity needs. Related businesses include Haven Power, a supplier of electricity (including sustainable biomass energy) to business. The group's largest upstream enterprises are Drax Biomass, which sources sustainable biomass for Drax power station and Baton Rouge Transit, which handles storage and transport of finished biomass pellets from the Port of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Drax Group publicly states a focus on the following goals


Drax Group publicly declares measurable commitments to the following goals


Drax Group publicly shares examples of how its actions are supporting the goals


Drax Group shares data showing its progress towards the goals


Drax Group shares information about involving its suppliers in environmental / social issues but doesn’t mention involving them in supporting the goals

Review date: 24 August 2020
Country: United Kingdom