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We're the world's most forward-thinking professional accountancy body. We believe that accountancy is vital for economies to grow and prosper, which is why we work all over the world to build the profession and make society fairer and more transparent. We have more than 241,000 fully qualified members and 542,000 future members worldwide. They're among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after accountants - and they work in every sector you can imagine. Organisations know and trust our designation. We're out there every day, connecting with businesses large and small, governments, educational establishments and opinion formers. We're on top of emerging trends, legislation and legal requirements, helping to shape them. Because of all this, we’re able to create the innovative, strategic-thinking accountants our fast-changing world needs.

lensPriority Goals

ACCA publicly states its priority goals are the following:

lensMeasurable Targets

ACCA publicly declares measurable targets to the following goals:

lensTaking Action

ACCA publicly shares how it is taking action to support the goals

lensPerformance Data

ACCA shares performance data to support the goals

lensSupplier Education

ACCA publicly shares information about involving it’s suppliers in environmental / social issues, but does not mention whether it educates them about the goals

Review date: 29 March 2023
Country: United Kingdom